Living Well

Living well is multi-faceted, yet simple. We pursue aspects that preserve and enhance the health of your body, mind and spirit within four dimensions:

  • Physical – Choosing lifestyle habits that enhance, maintain and improve your physical health and ability.
  • Social – Nurturing and interacting with young and old for harmonious feelings of connectedness.
  • Intellectual – Engaging in creative pursuits and opportunities to explore, learn and grow.
  • Spiritual – Wondering about life and all that it holds for us — looking at our relationship with God, one another and the world community.

If you are interested in more information about our Christian retirement living community or would like to take a tour of our facilities, please contact us today.


Physical Wellness

Soothe the Soul and Build Muscle

The facts prove that living a physically fit lifestyle improves quality of life. At The Esquiline, residents are able to choose from a variety of activities to accomplish just that.

Zumba Gold, balance class, a 24-hour Fitness Center and osteoball are just a sample of your choices. Not to mention, The Esquiline is located on more than 200 beautiful acres, so grab a pedometer and take a journey to soothe the soul and build muscle at the same time.

Social Wellness

Keep Your Mind and Heart Young

At The Esquiline, we make it easy to get involved. Just open your door and join us at the next Happy Hour, or hop on the bus and visit to the Botanical Gardens and enjoy lunch. Enjoy playing cards or other games? There are plenty of opportunities to play, day or night!

benefits of playing cards for seniors


You can hear music in the hallways when the community Rhythm Band is practicing. Anyone is welcome to join – from spoon players to clappers, they will find something for you to play.


Sports your thing? You can find a crowd in the High-Rise lounge theater to cheer the St. Louis Cardinals, Blues and Rams on.


For those who enjoy volunteering in the community, we are happy to provide transportation so you can continue to help others. Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll find others who share your passion!

social health


Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in our Community Garden. The raised-garden beds are a great place to reminisce while you put your hands in the soil. Watch the carrots, peas and tomatoes grow.

And More!

Play table games and bingo, watch a movie in the lounge or enjoy after-dinner conversation … just as families do. Cherish the harmonious feeling of interaction and connectedness.

Intellectual Wellness

Learn, grow and keep your mind sharp

Keeping the brain active is essential to keeping a healthy mind. At The Esquiline, we have a splendid array of exciting ways for you to continue to learn, grow and keep your mind sharp.

Try something new

Trying new things like mind games and the Wii may seem too much at first. But our amazing activity directors and staff will make it easy for you to jump right in with friends to experience something new and challenging.

Keep the adventure going

We have a full-service library for those looking to open a book and go on an adventure. And, our library happily provides books for book clubs so readers can enjoy the written word as well as the spirited discussions.

Never had time to learn to speak a foreign language? We offer German class in addition to lectures and free computer classes right outside your door.

Learning new things has never been so easy or fun!

cost of living comparison guide

Spiritual Wellness

Nurture your soul

Spirituality means something different for everyone, and we believe that retirement is the perfect opportunity to explore what is really meaningful to you.

To help you reconnect with God, nature or even yourself, we offer daily Mass, weekly Protestant services and morning prayer in the garden. Our Pastoral Care team is available to help you through difficult times with Taize prayer, retreats, and speakers.

And if you prefer more personal reflection, there are tranquil spots throughout our beautiful grounds for relaxed reflection or just time to appreciate the breathtaking beauty around you.

spiritual health

Fulfill your passion to give back

Join the many residents who are giving generously of their time, energy and experiences to serve those in need. Whether volunteering at church, helping with a food pantry collection or lending a hand on the beautification of the grounds, you have a variety of opportunities to stay involved spiritually.

Giving back is a passion shared by many.

Wellness Resource Center

What is the Wellness Resource Center you may ask?

It’s simply a place to enhance and embrace wellness for all our residents.

Books and magazines to help keep you informed and numerous brochures on a wide range of topics, from caregiving to health agencies, to aid you and your family.

The serenity felt in the room makes it easy to sit and relax. Also take time to enjoy one of the many DVDs and CDs we have by many well-accredited doctors and physicians to keep you healthy and prospering!

COVID-19 Response: Safeguards Implemented to Protect the Health and Welfare of Residents and Staff at The Esquiline